Knott & Knott is law practice with a long history and deep ties to the state and community. The firm has been in existence in New Haven County since 1918 and represented the Town of Cheshire for over 35 years. We view our profession as our way we serve our community, employees, and families.

We see practicing law to be a privilege and an honor which we take seriously. We have a truly excellent record and reputation for competence and ethics, and encourage you to give us a search online; we also enjoy what we do. We enjoy meeting new clients and solving their problems. When you do come to our office, you will find a relaxed atmosphere without pretensions. We offer every person the opportunity for an introductory meeting without worrying about payment. Some people's problems can be solved in our first meeting while other problems need our representation; regardless, we take the time to listen to your entire story and ask questions and hopefully provide you with an answer. Our goal is not to land a client, but to build a relationship.

A note about our fees: We are well-aware of the public’s view of lawyers and legal fees. You will find our fees to be very competitive; we look at each situation individually, and come up with a fee structure that works for your particular case and financial situation. Your case may require hourly payment, a flat-fee, a contingency, or a combination of all three. We tend not to charge our clients for short phone calls or quick visits and work very hard to ensure that our fee agreement and our invoices are transparent and fair to you. We know that trust is hard-earned and easily lost.

Please call or send us an e-mail to discuss your case.